Here are a few photographs from some trails we rode in 1998. Forgive the quality, they were taken with a disposable camera.  

Click on the thumbnails to view full size image. All photos by DeLloy Forbes except the two he's in.

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Blacks Creek/Danskin Mtns.  our local play area, about 20 miles SE of Boise,. Look closely and you will see two levels of this ancient lava flow with a canyon cut into the lower level. Blacks Creek area. Riding partner DeLloy Forbes standing on the edge of the lower level above the Boise River. Called Fiddler Flats.

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Blacks Creek area, the view back to where I took the photo of DeLloy. I am standing on the cliff. Wapiti Trail near Lowman/Grandjean. Lunch break with a view of the west side of the Sawtooth Mtns. in the background. We are right on the edge of the wilderness area here.

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Somewhere on Wapiti Trail. Typical high altitude Idaho single track. View from Wapiti on the way down to Grandjean.
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Photo from the 98 Idaho SpodeFest from atop the Iron Mtn lookout. The area in the background is where we rode on the Long Loop. Front row L to R: Dan Hanes, DeLloy Forbes. Back row: Dave Arndt (TazSpaz) Mike Hetrick (Old Fart), Mark Kessler, Bob Reinen. Another shot in Blacks Creek, on the way to the Waterfall.