Baumgartner Island
May 25, 2006

The large Ponderosa in the center 
is where Murray, Dean, Dano, Joe 
and I camped in 02, the Harrels were
there another year.
baum_island.jpg (141545 bytes)
Another view looking up river baum_island2.jpg (161933 bytes)
Not much left over there baum_island3.jpg (157776 bytes)
This is the "low" spot 
where Tami & crew got their van stuck
whatever year that was. (03?)
baum_island4.jpg (178064 bytes)
This was/is the way into the camping 
area, between the two trees on the right
at water's edge. That area is also an 
island now.
baum_island5.jpg (171771 bytes)
Creek crossing on the Smoky Low Trail smoky_low_trail.jpg (209000 bytes)
This is what it normally looks like. Compare
the water levels on the exit.